UPure Glovebox
Lithium Ion Research
Integrated Evaporator
Welding Applications
Specialty Lighting Production
Glove Box for 3D Printing
VTI U2 Glovebox
Internet Remote Control

Lithium Ion Research

Custom Solutions for Lithium Battery Research.

Vacuum Technology - Glove Box - Capacitor 250x290

Super Capacitor

Custom Solutions for Super Capacitor Product Prototyping and Production.

Vacuum Technology - Glove Box - Battery System 250x290

“All-In-One” Battery System

Custom Solutions for Super Capacitor or Lithium Ion battery prototyping and manufacturing.

Specialty Lighting Production

Custom Solutions for Specialty Product Prototyping and Production.

3D Printing Applications

Custom Solutions for 3D Printed Product Prototyping and Production.

Welding Applications

Custom Solutions for Welding Product Prototyping and Production.

Vacuum Technology - Glove Box - Pharmacuetical 250x290

Pharmaceutical Isolator

Custom Solutions developed for Pharmaceutical Isolation.

Vacuum Technology - Glove Box -attached Depostition System

OLED/PLED & Solar Application

Custom Solutions for Glove Boxes with Integrated Evaporator

Vacuum Technology - Glove Box - Vacuum 250x290

Vacuum Glove Box

Custom Solutions for Vacuum Glove Boxes.