Vacuum Technology Inc. is launching the Internet of Things Glove Box System. This system allows users to remotely operate, monitor, and run diagnostics on their glove box.

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  • Remote Monitoring and Control
    Users can monitor the working conditions of the glove box from their computer or smart phone.
  • Data Encryption and Backup
    When there is a data transmission error, interruption, corruption, or network failure, users can restore and track historical data of the equipment with our system. The firewall is configurable to ensure data integrity and security.
  • Failure Alarm
    When equipment fails, the system will send a notification to the user and automatically start the failure protection routine.
  • Remote Diagnostics
    Our engineers can access, debug, and restore the system remotely.
  • Online Help
    Users can access online learning resources for the operation of their glove box system. Using our online help site, users can solve any problems that may arise.
  • Free Customer Service Online
    We offer online communication tools (email, chat, video conference, etc) with our service staff or engineers to solve issues swiftly.

    For more inrformation, please view our UPure 2 page.

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