Chun Ning Lau has published a paper with the help of a VTI glove box!

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We at Vacuum Technology Inc. love to see our products be used to further scientific knowledge. Our customer, Chun Ning Lau, published a paper recently which relied in part on the use of our glove box systems. We would like to thank Chun Ning for her purchase of a VTI glove box, and look forward to seeing her research in the future! The abstract of the paper is listed below, as well as a link to view the entire work.

“Quantum wells (QWs) constitute one of the most important classes of devices in the study of two-dimensional (2D) systems. In a double-layer QW, the additional “which-layer” degree of freedom gives rise to celebrated phenomena, such as Coulomb drag, Hall drag, and exciton ondensation. We demonstrate facile formation ofwideQWs in few-layer
black phosphorus devices that host double layers of charge carriers. In contrast to traditional QWs, each 2D layer is ambipolar and can be tuned into n-doped, p-doped, or intrinsic regimes. Fully spin-polarized quantum Hall states are observed on each layer, with an enhanced Landé g factor that is attributed to exchange interactions. Our work opens the door for using 2D semiconductors as ambipolar single, double, or wide QWs with unusual properties, such as high anisotropy.