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To assist us in providing excellent service, please have your glove box model and serial number available. This information can be found on the product ID tag attached to your glove box, or in the product documentation issued with your glove box.

VTI Gloveboxes Maintenance Checklist

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  1. Renew the Purifier regularly by Regeneration
  2. Clean the Moisture Sensor regularly
  3. Activated Charcoal Replacement regularly
  4. Run Purge While Manipulating Solvent Inside the Glovebox
  5. Check the Vacuum Pump Oil regularly
  6. Replace the Dust Filters regularly
  7. Perform Gas Line Leak Test after Switching the Gas Tank
  8. Read the Operation Manual before Glovebox Operation
  9. Connect Regeneration, Purging, Vacuum Pump Exhaust to the Main Exhaust System
  10. Check VTI Glovebox Common Troubleshooting if any Issue occurs.


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