Vacuum Technology - Glove Box - SolarCell

OLED/PLED and Solar Cell Application

  • Suitable for metal, semi-conductor, oxidizing, and organic film, OLED, PLED, Solar, and other applications
  • Evaporator would be integrated into either the floor or side wall of the glove box
  • Available in many configurations and work station sizes
  • Evaporator pressure limit: 6 x 10-5 Pa
  • Evaporator pumping time: ≤40 minutes (from atmospheric pressure to 8 x 10-4 Pa)
  • Maximum substrate size: 120x120mm
  • Lifting range: 50mm
  • Rotating speed: 5-30rpm; continuously adjustable
  • Maximum substrate temperature: 300° C
  • Organic Evaporation Source: Two beam furnace; Single quartz crucible capacity ≥2 cc; Maximum temperature: -500° C; Continuously adjustable
  • Thermal Evaporation Source: Two thermal evaporation boats; Four electrodes; Water cooling; 10V 300A; Maxiumum power output 3kW
  • FTM-V quartz crystal oscillation film thickness monitor display range: 0–99µ9999À°

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