Instructions for Regeneration

General Information

Attention: When noticing a decrease in performance, note the total running hours. The total hours minus 10 hours can be used as reference for scheduling regeneration.

After running for a certain period of time, the purifier needs to be regenerated to recover its purifying performance.

It’s recommended to regenerate the purifier periodically insteadof waiting until a significant decrease in performance noticed. The regeneration interval depends on several factors such as glove box model, application, specific operation and its usage frequency.

Regeneration Gas

Activating Regeneration


  • The pressure range mentioned earlier is for reference only. The actual pressure setting depends on specific conditions. Gas pressure in a typical supply cylinder will drop 8-10 MPa [1200 –1500 psi] between the 3rd and 6th hour of regeneration.
  • When regeneration reaches the third hour, if no exhaust gas is discharging from the outlet, please check the system or contact our service technicians.
  • Assure the circulation is off before activating regeneration.
  • An adequate supply of working gas at the proper pressure (60-80 psi) must be supplied to the working gas outlet in addition to the regeneration gas supplied to the regeneration gas outlet. During regeneration, working gas is still needed to operate the pneumatic systems in the glove box.
  • It takes 24 hours to complete a regeneration process which cannot be interrupted once activated. During the regenerationprocess, the vacuum pump must be kept “ON” and the gas supplymust be sufficient to complete the process. If a power failure occurs during the process, regeneration should resume after power returns. In case the process is not resumed, do not activate regeneration again within 10 hours. The regeneration will be terminated completely if “Regeneration” button is pressed.
  • WARNING! HOT! Do not touch the top of the purifier during regeneration to avoid being burned.

Regeneration Menu for single purifier

Regeneration interface will show on the screen. Touch“Regeneration”

Regeneration menu for two purifiers

Press “Regeneration 1” or “Regeneration 2” to activateregeneration for the chosen purifier.

  1. The System will automatically heat the purifier for three hours.
  2. Connect the regeneration gas (if using gas cylinder, its pressure must be >10MPa)[>1500 psi]) and adjust the regulator to keep input pressure at 0.03-0.07MPa [5-10 psi]. A continuous supply of mixed gas (working gas and H2) is required between the 3rd and 6th hour of regeneration.
  3. During the 3 hour period when regeneration gas is being introduced to the purifier, check the output pressure of the regeneration gas often and readjust the regulator if the pressure moves outside of the recommended range (5-10 psi).
  4. Regeneration will run automatically from the 6th hour to the end (24 hours in total). No manual operation is needed.