Glove Box Operation Tips


Regeneration is the process of removing the trapped O2and H2O from your purifier. This is a normal process when using any glove box, and is needed on average once per year. Purging your glove box is required after regeneration.

Regeneration is needed when your purifier can no longer absorb O2and/or H2O. The telltale sign that regeneration is needed is a steadily rising PPM level.

In order to perform Regeneration, you will need at least 150 cu. ft. of the gas specified in your glove box requirements. On a size 300 (300 cu. Ft.) tank, half of the gas will need to be used for this process. This will be a 5- 10% Hydrogen with the balance being the inert gas you are using for your glove box. (Nitrogen, Argon, or Helium)

If you have questions regarding the actual regeneration process, please refer to your operation manual. If you still require any assistance, please contact us directly.


Purging is required under certain circumstances while using your glove box. Anytime either O2 or H2O levels are above 100 PPM, we suggest that you purge your glove box until the levels fall below 100 PPM.

Purging is also required after regeneration, where we recommend using at least one size 300 (300 cu. ft.) tank per workstation. If you have a Super 1220/750/900 with two gloves, you would need to purge with just one size 300 tank. Likewise, if you have a Universal 2440/750/900 glove box, we recommend purging with at least two size 300 tanks.

Another circumstance where purging may be required is when you are working with a large amount of solvents or chemicals within the glove box. We also highly suggest that circulation is turned off if you are planning to use solvents in large amounts or for extended periods of time.

Glove Box Pressure Settings: 

When using the glove box, we recommend setting the pressure as high as possible as long as you feel comfortable for operation. Or just using default pressure for easy operation, which can be accomplished either manually, or by pressing the Default button in the Set screen.

When the glove box is not in use, we recommend setting a positive pressure. As an example, +6 as a high set point and +2 as a low set point would provide a positive pressure within the glove box at all times.

Leakage Testing: 

When you are changing out gas cylinders, we highly recommend that you test your regulators and cylinder connections. Please refer to the operation manual for instructions on leakage tests.

Antechamber Use: 

When using either the small or large antechambers, certain protocols should be followed. In order to remove the majority of O2and H2O from the chambers, we recommend evacuating and refilling a minimum of times.

Our large antechamber has an automatic operation that will allow you to perform other tasks while the chamber is evacuating and refilling.

Moisture Sensor Cleaning:

Our Moisture Sensor must be cleaned every 3 months to in order to remain accurate. Please see the attached document “Moisture Sensor Cleaning” for instructions on this process.