Heated Antechamber Configuration

Heated Antechamber Step Setting

At the starting screen:

1.) Press the enter key three times.

2.) Press the return key eight times.

3.) Press the UP arrow one time until the screen reads “1”, then pressenter to confirm. This will bring you to the first step settings.

               a) Press the return key once. You are now at the temperature setting screen.

               b) Set the temperature using the UP and DOWN arrows.

               c) Press the enter key to confirm your temperature.

               d) Press the return key, this will bring you to the time setting screen.

               e) Set the time interval using the UP and DOWN arrows. Time is set in increments of minutes and hours.

               f) Press the enter key to confirm your time interval.

               g) Press the return key to go to the Step settings screen

4.) Using the arrow keys, you can select which step number you want to edit the settings for. Repeat steps a-g for each step you wish to use.

5.) To return to the main screen, select “Step 0”, press return once,then enter once.

Suggested temperature reserve time interval: 40 minutes

Suggested temperatures and time intervals:

100 C (212 F) – 40~50 minutes

150 C (302 F) – 50~60 minutes

200 C (392 F) – 60~70 minutes

We do not recommend going over 200 C (392 F)

Heated Antechamber Calibration

Heated antechamber calibration is needed anytime you add steps, change the temperature of steps, or change the heat up time. It is not required if you are only changing the reserve time.

Minimum reserve time for calibration: 2 hours

1.) Set your steps according to instructions. Set your reserve time(s) to at least two hour.

2.) Return to the main screen by moving to “Step 0”, pressing returnonce and then enter once.

3.) Turn on your heated antechamber using the power button.

4.) Press the return key 9 times until the screen reads “At Off”

5.) Press the up arrow once so the screen reads “At On”

6.) Press enter to confirm this selection.

7.) Return to the main screen by holding down the return key.

8.) Wait for the completion of your heat cycle. At the end of thiscycle, the flashing “AT” light will turn off to confirm the calibration iscomplete.