Maintenance of the Moisture Analyzer

Attention: The phosphoric acid solution used for refreshing the functionality of the moisture sensor is corrosive. Please wear protective gloves and eyewear.

  • To begin, set the pressure in your glove box to +4 for a high set point, and +2as a low set point. Remove the electrical connector from the moisture sensor, then remove the sensor from the glove box. Place a blank KF40 cap on the glove box to prevent contamination.
  • Remove the protective cover from the moisture sensor, being careful not to scratch the probe of the sensor.
  • Apply deionized water or distilled water on the sensor and wipe off with dry, lint free cloth. Handle with care. Do not rub, scratch, dig or beat on sensor.    
  • Moisten the sensor with the phosphoric acid solution by slowly dripping about 3 drops directly on the probe while rotating the unit. Drip solution onto the probe to cover the probe surface. DO NOT put much solution to the probe. Otherwise it might damage the probe. Wipe off the probe to make it dry. Then allow the sensor to air-dry for four hours.
  • When completely dry, replace the protective shroud on the probe.
  • Confirm that the glove box is still within the pressure range of +5 mBar to +8 mBar before removing the blind flange cover and replacing the sensor in the port.
  • Reconnect the system cable after the moisture analyzer is reinstalled in the glove box.
  • On the touchscreen, touch “Analyzer” to activate the moisture analyzer.
  • Log the moisture data

Note: In lithium battery and in organometallic applications, volatilized acid/alkali during operation will corrode the moisture sensor which can cause a change in electrical resistance. The displayed moisture value might be different from the actual moisture value. The degree of deviation depends on the concentration of corrosive substances as well as the thoroughness of the sensor-refreshing process. In this case, we recommend sending the analyzer to us for a free calibration within the warranty period.