Frequently Asked Questions

What types of gasses are needed for my glove box?

Our glove box systems require both a working gas and a regeneration gas. The working gas can be Nitrogen, Argon, or Helium depending on your requirements. We require that your working gas be supplied to the glove box at 60-80 PSI.

The regeneration gas will be comprised of 5-10% Hydrogen, with the balance being the working gas selected for use in your system. Our glove box system requires the regeneration gas be supplied at a relatively low pressure: 5-15 PSI.

Does my glove box have special power requirements?

Our standard glove boxes are designed to run on 110v power, drawing approximately 1200 watts during operation. Depending on your glove box, we may provide you with additional details regarding power usage.

If your glove box has a heated antechamber, we require extra electrical equipment to be installed. Please contact us for more information!

What maintenance does my glove box require?

Almost every glove box that we produce may have slightly different maintenance procedures. For more information regarding your glove box, please contact us with your serial and model number.

Does my glove box need to connected to an exhaust system?

We do not require that our glove box systems be connected to any exhaust systems. Many facilities and universities do require that any glove boxes being used with hazardous chemicals be exhausted.

The following are three sections of our glove box that may be vented: Vacuum Pump, Purging Valve, and the Evacuation Outlet. For more information regarding how to exhaust these sections, please contact us.

What happens to my glove box if there is a power outage?

While a power outage is always inconvenient, it will not damage your glove box. Depending on the length of the power outage, your glove box will return to the same state before loss of power.

If regular power outages are a concern, a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) may installed to alleviate any future problems.

If a power outage occurs, and you have any questions regarding the status of your glove box, please feel free to contact us.

I have received a '02 Purifier Main Valve Error', what should I do?

The most common reason that you will receive this error is from a low working gas supply pressure. Please check to make sure that the gas cylinder you are using is not empty, and that the pressure is set to 60-80 PSI.

If you continue to receive this error, please contact us.

I have received a '03 Transducer Error', what should I do?

Most often this error is received after a power outage or surge. Generally, you will notice that the circulation blower has turned off and even restarting circulation will not turn it back on.

In order to rectify this, you will need to open your electrical cabinet to view the blower transducer. The tranducer has a digital readout, which will generally read “F004” when you have a transducer error. Pressing the reset button once will clear the transducer error. You may need to turn circulation off and then on in order to clear the error from your touch screen.

If that does not resolve your error, or you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Do my Oxygen or Moisture analyzers need to be maintained?

The Oxygen analyzer does not have any maintenance that needs to be performed by the end user. Over the life span of the analyzer, calibration may need to be performed by a technician to remain as accurate as possible.

The Moisture analyzer will need to have maintenance performed every 3-6 months to retain accuracy levels. Please refer to your operation manual for instructions on this, or contact us for more information.