Glove Box with Integrated Vacuum Deposition System

  • Suitable for OLED, PLED, high uniform film, semi-conductor, and refractory metal applications
  • Pretreatment chamber dimensions: Ø500-800 x H300-450 mm
  • Organic and metal chamber dimensions: Ø500-800 x H600-1000 mm
  • Chamber material: 304 SS
  • Chamber size: 2-10″
  • Substrate running speed: 5-20rpm
  • Substrate maximum temperature: 300° C
  • Ultimate vacuum pressure: 1.3 x 10-5 Pa
  • Organic Deposition Source: 4-8 sets; 600W
  • Metal Deposition Source: 2-6 sets; 2000W-5000W
  • Distance from source to substrate: 260-600 mm (adjustable)

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