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Lithium Battery Research


  • High purity levels
  • Oxygen and moisture monitoring
  • Renewable solvent trap
  • Regenerable hydrofluoric acid absorber
  • Heated Antechamber
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Lithium Battery System

  • Movable oven, PLC controlled with a maximum attainable temperature of 200° C
  • Exclusive docking system between oven(s) and antechamber(s) prevents exposure to ambient air
  • Fully automated transfer between oven, cooling antechamber, glove box, and discharge chambers
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Hydrofluoric Acid Absorber

  • Rapid removal of hydrofluoric acid and other solvent vapors
  • Manual purging and evacuation control, keeping any contamination out of the glove box enviroment
  • Bypass control system allows user to easily replace material without stopping circulation flow
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