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Vacuum Technology Inc. is a U.S. based manufacturer that is committed to developing innovative products for clients around the world.
with its North American Headquarters located in Gloucester, MA, VTi offers Super Purified Glove Boxes, Gas Purification Systems as well as ancillary products and accessories. In addition to the standard product lines, we are proud of our technical team's ability to work together with our clients to create custom solutions.

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Rapid Removal of H2O and O2
› UL Certified
› Custom solutions
› Rapid Removal of H2O and O2
› Long intervals between regeneration
› Automatic Purging
› Automatic Circulation
› Automatic Regeneration
› Automatic Pressure Control
› Renewable Moisture Sensor
› Solid State Oxygen Sensor
› “Best in Class Components"
› Multiple Models for specific applications
› Wide Application
....and more

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